Miriam is a certified Acupuncturist and Tantra yoga instructor. She has a background in Psychology and focuses on healing the mind-body connection.

She  began practicing yoga and meditation as a child which helped her find balance and stability through difficulty at a young age. Learning how to heal herself inspired her to want to help others and she has immersed herself in the healing practices of different cultures, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American healing ceremonies, and Tantra Yoga.

Her approach to healing is body-centric because the physical body is the best way to access the subconscious, which holds our deeply engrained patterns. We have learned that the body is something that needs to be controlled, its pain numbed, and urges fought against. The mind is meant to function with the body, not independent of it. When our different parts become disassociated, we develop the symptoms of disease. In our modern world it is more important than ever to heal the body-mind connection. It is also very important to remember how to feel good in our bodies and to celebrate our pleasure, understanding that pleasure itself is a healing force.

Miriam specializes in helping women reconnect with their bodies and their feminine wisdom.

By recognizing the healing power of pleasure and reclaiming our bodies as instruments of intelligent expression, we are reconnecting to our power. Women have been taught to hide their sensuality because this natural power has been misunderstood and even feared. So much of a woman’s sense of self comes from her womb and the intuition of her body, something we in this culture have become very distant from. Reclaiming your power as a woman means fully embodying your whole self.

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