Miriam is a certified Acupuncturist and has her Masters Degree in science. She is also a Certified Theta Practitioner, Yoga instructor, and massage therapist  and has a background of study in Psychology. She began practicing meditation and yoga over 15 years ago and her practice developed from the need to find balance and stability in her own life. Since then she has been passionately studying the healing practices of different cultures, including Traditional Chinese medicine, Native American healing ceremonies, and Tantric sciences.

 She is grateful to offer to others these healing practices that have had such a profound impact on her own life.  

Miriam specializes in helping women reconnect with their feminine wisdom.

I used to try to hide my sensuality because I was afraid of being objectified and truly being seen in my power. I didn’t feel safe, and I tried to hide myself and numb my sensitivity. I am grateful to have found healing through the energetic sciences, including yoga and acupuncture. Learning to trust my body and listen to its wisdom has changed my life and it is my deepest joy to watch other women come alive in this way and experience the fullness of their creative potential!”

                          “I look forward to helping you begin your path to radiant health, to truly come alive in yourself and live a life you are inspired by.”

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